Around the world in 90 days

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of:

  • Marvelling spectacular views at the Victoria Waterfalls
  • Sailing on Lake Titicaca
  • Exploring Machu Picchu
  • Running into the Big 5 on a South African safari
  • Diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Waking up in front of Sydney Opera House
  • Cradling a cute koala
  • Swimming with sharks in Tahiti
  • Soaking up the sunset in Bora Bora
  • Sampling a spot of sandboarding in Chile’s Atacama Desert
  • Unravelling the myths of Ayers Rock in the Australian outback
  • Rafting on the Zambezi River
  • Horseback riding in Patagonia
  • Discovering the icebergs of Patagonia
  • Dancing the tango in Buenos Aires
  • Climbing giant trees in the Amazon
  • Praying before the tomb of Evita Peron in Buenos Aires
  • Strolling the streets of Valparaiso
  • Unlocking the mysteries of Easter Island
  • Crossing New Zealand in a camper van
  • Crossing the Andes aboard a legendary train bound for Cuzco.

We managed to pack all of this into our 90-day honeymoon.
If you have just one or even a head full of dreams,
don’t hesitate any longer and take the plunge right now!

We hope this photo book will pass on the travel
bug to you and unleash your hidden
desire to finally turn your dream to reality.